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Anders Göran johannesson with his family

Anders Göran Johannesson

My sample person Anders Göran Johannesson emigrated to Amerika July 15, 1891.
He came from Klasentorp Södergård in Slätthög, Kronobergs county, Sweden.


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I need some info from you

If you want me to do a family research, this is the information I need. If you don't have all this info, please send me what you have and I check it out.

When I received this information from you, I will do an initial search without any costs for you. I inform you if it is possible to go furthermore.

How much information can you get?

The information you can get varies from person to person. Below is some samples of the family Anders Göran Johannesson who emigrated to America in 1891.

Two generations
Three generations
Four generations

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What can be provided for each client depends for example on the quality of the parish register. It varies from parish to parish. Some of them are good, but unfortunately, some of them can for example been destroyed by fire.