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Chris Clark


Thanks to your research, the understanding that my brothers and I had of our grandfather Olof Johansson’s family in Sweden has suddenly expanded beyond all our imagining. We have even discovered family connections in America that we never knew about before.
Best of all, you have found probably the last person who remembers when our grandfather went back to Sweden about 1950, after 35 years living in Australia, and has photos and other mementos from his time here. How wonderful that they have welcomed us as friends and relatives, and described making contact with us as a ‘new dimension’ for them too.
We are really looking forward to our visit to Sweden in a few months’ time, thanks to what you have been able to tell us. We are truly grateful for all the work you diligently put in on our behalf.

Chris Clark, Canberra, Australia

Olof Emanuel Johansson
Karl and Ester

Chris grandfather Olof Emanuel Johansson, born 1894 in Stockholm (Maria Magdalena), died 1955 in Traryd, Sweden.
Olof emigrated to Australia but returned to Sweden around 1950.


Chris great-grandfather Karl Robert Johansson, born 1855 in Mariestad, Sweden.
Karl Robert died 1927 in Misterhult.
Karl Robert's second wife, Esther Emilia Charlotta Johansson, born 1880 in Misterhult, died 1964 in Oskarshamn, Sweden.