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Hi, Yvonne,

I was having a terrible time trying to locate my ancestors from both sides of my family because they all came from Sweden.

My mothers grandparents were Håkan Anderson, born 1844,Västra Torsås, Kronoberg emigrated 1869 and Ingrid Nilsson, born 1844, Härlunda, Kronoberg emigrated 1871.
My fathers great grandparents were Anders Enlund, born 1859, Bergsjö, Gävleborg, emigrated 1879 and Johanna Charlotta Andersson, born 1857, Vreta Kloster, Östergötland, emigrated 1880.

I am absolutely amazed that you were able to find so much information about my family. I called my mother (who is in the nursing home) and told her about it. She was thrilled.
I told her I’d send her a copy of your report. It was put together so nicely and it was so interesting to read about how some of them died and about the jobs they had.

I’m so happy that you were able to find some information regarding Ingrid Anderson. No one on my mother’s side of the family has this information and I’m excited to share it with them. My mother is the oldest living relative on her side, but she knows very little about her great-grandparents. Also, I would LOVE to be able to contact any living relatives in Sweden. How exciting! Thanks for the quick reply and the research. You amaze me with the information you are able to find.
I was very excited to learn that I have relatives in Sweden who want to connect with me. What a treasure! You’re a peach!

Thank you so much,
Chris ( Christine ) Enlund Baity
Wyoming, USA

Anna "Gussie" Augusta Kronbeck
Håkan Anderson

Dairy Farm
Hakan and Anna Andersson

Photo of my grandmother, Anna Augusta Kronbeck, when she was a young woman before marrying my grandfather. Everyone called her "Gussie" and she was the only child of her parents that was born in the USA. In fact, she could speak Swedish and English even though her parents only spoke Swedish.

My grandfather Andrew Enlund (to the right). The other man is unknown.

Below, the Diary Farm where my grandparents Andrew and Anna lived.

Wedding photo of Andrew Enlund and Anna Augusta Kronbeck.