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John Delin New-York

Dear Yvonne: Tusen tack!

This is wonderful information. I can't thank you enough. So now I have the six time great grandfather from the paternal line and 6 time great grandmother. This is wonderful information and I am very, very happy with all this. I can't thank you enough, many many thanks.

Maybe someday I will see Sweden again, this time Delsbo. I was in Halmstad with my parents for 5 months in 1947, via Gripsholm. I spoke Swedish with a pronounced Scanian dialect. I could read a bit, count to one hundred and tell time. I went home speaking Swedish for weeks. But I didn't continue...

John Delin Staten Island, New York, USA

A Syosset Scrapbook

ken*again, the literary magazine


Some pictures of John Delin's ancestors

Fredrik och Pernilla Nylander
Anna Larsson
Per-Olof Delin

Fredrik and Pernilla Nylander born in Annerstad and Snöstorp, Sweden

Anna Margareta Larsson Delin born in Järbo, Sweden

Per-Olof Delin born in Gävle, Sweden