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Robert (Bob) Carlson

Dear Yvonne, It was a god-send

to have found you after years of unsuccessful searches for my grandmother Mathilda's roots.
I have been searching for the roots of my grandmother Mathilda Caroline Anderson for over 10 year. She emigrated with her family in 1881.
I have been in Sweden three times and have visited the locations of my grandfather’s family homes in Värmland.
I have found over 1000 names and locations of ancestors and currently living relatives.
But, I have been very frustrated that I have not been able to find anything about my grandmother’s family, even though I visited the Swedish genealogical center in Ramsele (SVAR).
You have found Mathilda, her siblings, parents, grandparents and gr. grandparents. It is hard for me to profess my gratitude enough for what you have done for our family genealogy.

My Best Regards, Bob Carlson, Colorado, USA

Robert Carlson's Relatives
Mathilda Carlson

Matilda Caroline Andersson, wife to John Frederick Carlson

Mathilda and John Frederick

Robert Carlson's Relative's Picture Gallery

Mathilda and John Frederick Carlson