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Sally Williams

My grandmother Matilda Fredrika

immigrated 1900 from Tvärred in Västergötland, Sweden.
Yvonne has helped me to re-confirm the names of Matilda Fredrika’s brothers and sisters, their dates and places of birth. Yvonne has also given me info about Matilda Fredrika’s brothers and sisters marriages and their subsequent children.
Yvonne also re-confirms her parents' full names, dates and places of birth and death. I have also, by Yvonne, had contact with cousins in Sweden and will visit them to the spring of 2009.
Wow! You are really digging up the past! And it is getting more interesting with each email you send! The family tree I received from Yvonne complements my own and contains about 130 ancestors!

Sally Williams, Delaware, USA

Sallys unknown photos here ...

Aunti Tekla
Aunti Anne

Tekla Josefina Svensdotter

Anne Elisabeth Svensdotter

Oscar, Ma, Anna, Teckla and Charlotte

Mother is Godmother to him
Mother's Cousins
Uncle Oscar

Mother is Godmother to him

Mother's Cousins

Uncle Oscar