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Steve Johnson

Thanks from Steve in Chicago:

Yvonne: My God, Thank you for all of your hard work putting this together.
I will be spending a long time in looking at all of these names. It really is a shock to see all of these relations after growing up as an only child. I had no idea that there were relatives for me in Sweden. I am very happy to know of the other descendants.

All of this happened so soon -- that I found your blog and contacted you --- I do not even have any software for genealogy.... It is a wonderful experience to see all of this -- these documents you have created. We used to go to an annual Swedish picnic that Aunt Lillian's club would have every summer.
I remember seeing young men from Sweden visiting America and seeing that they looked like me. So I have always identified myself with Sweden.

Thanks, Steve Johnson Chicago, Illinois, USA

Slim (Steve) Johnson Paints

Steve Johnson painting

Some pictures of Steve Johnson's ancestors

John Ludwig Johnson cowboy
August and Augusta Pettersson
Ludvig and Anna Johnson

Johan Ludwig Johansson born 1879 in Södra Säm, Sweden
aka John Ludwig Johnson

John Ludwig's parents August and Augusta Pettersson from Bagaregården, Södra Säm, Sweden

John Ludwig and Anna Fredinna Johnson. Anna was born in Skogsbygden, Sweden

Ludwig Johnson horse
Johnson family

John Ludwig with his horse drawn milk truck delivering milk in Chicago for the Bowman dairy sometime in 1920s.

Anna, Hilda, John Ludwig, Gustav
Stanley, Lillian, Caroll and Irwing