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Vonda Frenette

I am granddaughter of John & Jenny Anderson

My Grandparents left Sweden for Canada in 1928. I wondered if there were any relatives who still lived in Sweden, where they lived. etc.
You have found an incredible number of my relatives in Sweden, and now I have many cousins to visit in Sweden! So THANK YOU so so much for all you have done for me.
It means the World to me. You did an awesome job and should be very proud of yourself! Thanking you for all your hard work & dedication to me, through-out the whole process.
All the hours you have given to me with all the searching. You are a great person and very good at all you do. And I thank you again Yvonne! You are one awesome lady & I am very proud to call you my friend.!!
Still thinking of coming to Sweden one day to visit all these relatives of mine. Still have continued contact with a lot of them... and have managed to become very close to some... they are awesome.!!
Have been invited to go stay with them. I do have to give you that big hug you know! Once again, all you have done for me... means the world to me and more.!! Take care & just remember when it becomes to overwhelming.... PLEASE.. remember to breathe... lol

Vonda Frenette, Saskatchewan, Canada

Vonda's Grandparents

Vanda's Grandparents

Jenny, Viola and Anna
Jenny and Per-Johan with Lilly
Per Johan Andersson

Jenny, Viola and Anna

Jenny and Per-Johan with Lilly

Per Johan Andersson